For Victory in the Pacific

Written and Directed by
Austin Hoyt

Bill Lattanzi
Jon Neuburger

Produced by
Austin Hoyt
Melissa Martin

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David Ogden Stiers

Michael Bacon

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Okinawa Harbor View Hotel


The production team would like to acknowledge Richard Frank's book, Downfall: The End of the Imperial Japanese Empire (New York: Penguin Books, 1999). Acknowledgements to other contributors are listed below. Consult the further reading page for a list of more books and Web sites related to Victory in the Pacific.

A number of people appeared on-camera and are listed below. 

On-camera interview subjects:
Barton Bernstein, historian
Jerome Connolly, U.S. Army medic
Conrad Crane, historian
Edward Drea, historian
Yoshio Emoto, Japanese Imperial Navy
Richard B. Frank, author
Irvin Gehret, 6th Marine Division
Harry George, B-29 co-pilot
Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, historian
Yoshiko Hashimoto, Tokyo firebomb survivor
Jack Hoag, 6th Marine Division
Haruo Iguchi, historian
Akira Iriye, historian
Donald Miller, historian
Ruri Miyara, Okinawan student nurse
Walter Moore, 1st Marine Division
Katsuo Nagata, Okinawan student conscript
George Niland, 6th Marine Division
Robert Rodenhouse, B-29 pilot
Masayuki Shimada, kamikaze pilot
Koyu Shiroma, Japanese boy on Saipan, Age 5 in 1944
Goeffrey "Al" Turnbull, U.S. Navy


Herbert Bix
Hirohito and the Making of Modern Japan

Hirohito's concern about the nation's "enduring" until it won a decisive battle and his concern about the "ordinary hardships" of war draw on Bix's language, p. 489-90 and 523.

The description of "reproachful expressions" of the March 10 firebombing victims as the emperor toured the ruins draws on language from Bix, p. 491.

The emperor's explanation to his son about why Japan lost the war and the empress's description of B-29s flying over the palace, the closing lines of the program, draw on language from Bix, p. 533-4.

The New Yorker
Description of the radio reports from the lead bomber on the first incendiary raid over Tokyo on March 9, 1945 are by St. Clair McKelway. He is also the aide who recollected the reaction of Curtis LeMay and General Lauris Norstad to the photos. The program quotes from McKelway's New Yorker article June 23, 1945, p. 35.

George Feifer
The Battle of Okinawa

Characterization of the Battle for Sugar Loaf Hill as "the hardest for Americans anywhere in World War II" comes from Feifer, p. 209.

John Toland
The Rising Run: The Decline and Fall of the Japanese Empire, 1936-1945

The observations of a U.S. admiral on the kamikaze attacks "being so alien to our Western philosophy" come from Toland, vol 2, Random House, 1970, p. 883.

"If we can not fulfill our responsibility to the throne," replied a furious Anami, "we should offer our sincere apologies by committing hara-kiri...." This was part of an exchange among members of the war cabinet on June 6, 1945, quoted from Toland, Modern Library, 2003, p. 749.

Edward J. Drea
In the Service of the Emperor

The program describes the Japanese buildup on Kyushu in August 1945 as Gen. George Marshall's "preview of hell." This is Edward Drea's language, p. 162, and draws on the subtitle of his Chapter 11: Intelligence Forecasting for the Invasion of Japan: Previews of Hell.

General Curtis LeMay with MacKinlay Kantor
Mission with LeMay: My Story

LeMay's fantasy scene in which he agonizes over the risks of low altitude incendiary flights is drawn from "Mission," p. 348-352. General Arnold's "congratulations" is quoted from "Mission," p. 353.

Russell Spurr
A Glorious Way to Die

The kamikaze commander's admonition to "remember the carriers" is quoted from Spurr, p. 140.

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