For Riding the Rails

This version of Riding the Rails was edited for television

Directed, Written, & Produced by
Michael Uys and Lexy Lovell

Howard Sharp

Samuel Henriques

Richard Thomas

Associate Editor
Roger Schulte


Neil Riha

Additional Editing

Nancy Kennedy

Music Supervisor
Rena C. Kosersky

Original Music

Jay Sherman-Godfrey

Supervising Sound Editor
Ahmad Shirazi MPSE

Sound Editors

James Nau
John Werner

Creative Consultant
Robert Seidman

Additional Camera
Matt Mindlin

Additional Original Music

Jimmy Weinstein

Assistant Camera

Chris Flanagan


Driss Tijani
Chris Flanagan

Assistant Editors
Tal Ben-David
Shebana Coelho
Katharina Kruse-Ramey
Po Kutchins
Benjamin Rosen-Koncious

Archival Research Assistance

Katy Mostoller
Sheila Maniar

Additional Archival Photography
Kathleen Beall

Re-Recording Mixer

David Novack

Negative Matching

JG Films

Film Laboratories

Du Art Film Labs
Bono Film & Video

Kodak IFP Discount

Mixing Facility
Sound One

On-Line Editor
Jim Meigel

On-Line Facility
Broadway Video

Titles and Effects

The Effects House

Animation Stills

Gary Becker/F-Stop

Publicity Stills

Federico Negri

Special Thanks

Prints & Photographs Division, Library of Congress

Archival Footage courtesy of
Archive Films
John E. Allen
Hot Shots/Cool Cuts, Inc.
The Image Bank
Museum of Modern Art
National Archives
Oregon Historical Society
Producers LibraryService
Grinberg Film Libraries, Inc.
Southern California Library
Stock Shots
University of South Carolina

Clip from Wild Boys of the Road courtesy of Turner Entertainment Co.

Additional photos
James Johnston
Curtis Morrisette
Ozark Heritage Center
Thomas Minehan
Boy and Girl Tramps of America
Farrar & Rinehart 1934

Principal Funding

Arkansas Humanities Council
California Council for the Humanities
Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities
Maryland Humanities Council
Minnesota Humanities Commission
Nebraska Humanities Council
New York Humanities Council
New York State Council on the Arts
Ohio Humanities Council
Pennsylvania Humanities Council
Texas Committee for the Humanities
Wisconsin Humanities Council
Wyoming Council for the Humanities


Dearing Films
The Donnet Fund
The Grasselli Foundation
The Harburg Foundation
The Marilyn M. Simpson Charitable Trust

Fiscal Sponsors
Media Network
Beltrami County Historical Society
Cultural Communications, Inc.
Dennison Railroad Depot Museum
Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, & Letters

Scholars and Consultants

Elaine Abelson
Joseph Caldwell
Michael Cassity
Lizabeth Cohen
Robert Coles
Glen Elder
Linda Gordon
Hans Houshower
Dale Maharidge
Gary Marcus
David Nasaw
Barbara Clark Smith
Studs Terkel
Howard Zinn
Michael Zuckerman

Special thanks to all the individuals who helped make this film possible.

For American Experience

Post Production
Vanessa Ezersky
Glenn Fukushima
Greg Shea

Series Designer
Alison Kennedy

On-Line Editors
Spencer Gentry
Mark Steele

Sound Mix
John Jenkins

Production Manager
Nancy Sherman

Web Producer
Molly Jacobs

Jay Fialkov
Janice Flood
Maureen Jordan
Scott Kardel

Project Administration
Susana Fernandes
Pamela Gaudiano
Tory Starr
Patricia Yusah

Marketing and Communications
Sean Cleary
Jen Holmes
Patrick Ramirez

Project Manager
Lauren Prestileo

Series Manager
James E. Dunford

Coordinating Producer
Susan Mottau

Senior Editor
Paul Taylor

Series Producer
Susan Bellows

Senior Producer
Sharon Grimberg

Executive Producer
Mark Samels

My American Experience

My American Experience photos

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