For Reagan

Executive Producer
Austin Hoyt

Narrated by
David Ogden Stiers

Part I: Lifeguard, Written and Produced by
Adriana Bosch

Part II: An American Crusade, Written and Produced by 
Austin Hoyt

Part I: Lifeguard, Edited by 
Betty Ciccarelli

Part II: An American Crusade, Edited by
Bill Lattanzi

Associate Producer
Josh Clark

Series Editor
Adriana Bosch

Terry Hopkins

Music by
Michael Bacon

Director of Archival Research
Alison Smith

Production Manager
Tobee Phipps

Production Assistant
Carla Raimer

Part I: Lifeguard, Post-Production Supervisor
Trish Cahalan

Part II: An American Crusade, Post-Production Supervisor
Andrea Williams

Field Audio
Ed Jennings
Glenn Berkovitz
Francis X. Coakley
John Cameron
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John Haptas
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Mark Mandler
Robert Marts
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Scott Szabo
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John Zecca

Archival Researchers
Prudence Arndt
Barbara Gregson
Lewanne Jones
Janice Kambara
Masha Oleneva
Mahlon Picht
Deborah Richardson

Additional Camera
Mark Gunning
Edward Marritz

Assistant Camera
Bob Long
David Eubank

Louise de Brookley
Dianne "DeeDee" Marcelli

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Series Theme
Joel Goodman 

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James E. Dunford

Coordinating Producer
Susan Mottau

Senior Editor
Paul Taylor

Series Producer
Susan Bellows

Senior Producer
Sharon Grimberg

Executive Producer
Mark Samels

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