Written and Produced by
Mark Zwonitzer

Bruce Shaw

Director of Photography
Michael Chin

Narrated by
Michael Murphy

Associate Producer
Laura McKellar

Music Composed by
Brian Keane

Music Consultant
Rena C. Kosersky

Hana Irfani

Juan Rodriguez

Assistant Camera
Jill Tufts
Tchell DePaepe

Sound Editor
Dan Korintus

Assistant Sound Editor
Mick Gormaley

Photo Researcher
Diane Hamilton

Footage Researcher
Helen Weiss

Ron J. Griffith
Gerry Polinsky
Gary Hanstrom

Production Assistants
Dan Woolsey
Jon Sasse

Sound Mixer
Dominick Tavella

On-line Editor
Alvin Bowens

Home Movie Restoration
Robert P. Brodsky

Photo Animation
Ralph Pitre

Susan Bailey
Sarah Sloan

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Special Thanks
Glenn Bradford
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Michael and Marnie Gould
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Dr. and Mrs. Karl Wegner

Very Special Thanks
Jim Popovich, Mike Pflaum, Bruce Weisman, and the staff at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial

The Stamford Museum and Nature Center, Stamford, CT, for permission to film Gutzon Borglum's "I Have Piped unto Ye and Ye Have not Danced," "Martyr," and "Centaur"

The Borglum Family, especially Robin Carter, Mary Ellis Vhay, and James Borglum


Post Production Supervisor
Vanessa Ezersky

Glenn Fukushima 

Web Producer
Molly Jacobs

Special Projects Assistant
Casey Davis

Production Manager
Nancy Sherman

Contracts Manager 
Susana Fernandes

Production Assistant
Lauren Noyes

Production Secretary
Julianna Newmeyer

Jay Flalkov
Janice Flood
Scott Kardel 

Marketing Account Manager
Chika Offurum

Mary Lugo
Cara White 

Post Production
Spencer Gentry
John Jenkins

Series Theme
Joel Goodman 

Series Manager 
Lauren Prestileo

Coordinating Producer 
Susan Mottau

Series Producer 
Susan Bellows

Senior Producer 
Sharon Grimberg

Executive Producer 
Mark Samels

A Hidden Hill Productions, Inc. film for AMERICAN EXPERIENCE

© 2001
WGBH Educational Foundation
All rights reserved

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