Now in its 10th season on PBS, Tavis Smiley is a unique hybrid of news, issues and entertainment, featuring conversations with politicians, entertainers, athletes, authors and other newsmakers, on very diverse topics. Each night, host Tavis Smiley engages guests in meaningful conversations, inviting viewers to challenge their assumptions and broaden their horizons. From insiders' perspectives on hot-button issues such as poverty, healthcare and education, to the innovators and trendsetters changing the way we think and interact, to the voices of creative personalities in popular culture, this late-night talk show, is the only place for thought-provoking and honest TV talk. Throughout the years, Tavis Smiley has featured guests addressing environmental issues in a most unique way. Below are a few examples of our most recent discussions that impact the lives of everyday people.



Environmental activist Erin Brockovich
Erin Brockovich describes the water crisis in the U.S., her issues with the EPA and why she feels Americans live in a third world country—all of which are detailed in the documentary, Last Call at the Oasis.



Dr. Richard Jackson, UCLA School of Public Health  
The UCLA professor and host of the PBS series Designing Healthy Communities describes what it truly means to build a healthy community.



Actress Kyra Sedgwick  
The Emmy-winning actress explains why she's such a passionate environmentalist.



Writer-filmmaker Daniel Wolff  
The accomplished writer-filmmaker shares his thoughts on the post-Hurricane Katrina environmental impact.