The Milepost 
The Milepost is one of the first travel guidebooks about the Alaska Highway. First published in 1949, it's now online -- and it presents information about the highway's history, its development into a tourist attraction, and the many sights and landmarks along its path.

Aleutian World War II National Historic Area
The National Park Service presents this page on the history of World War II in the Aleutian Islands, including details of the Japanese attack and occupation.

Alaska Studies: Teacher's Toolbox
This page, compiled by the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District, includes a wide range of links to sites featuring Alaska history.

The Arctic Circle
Sponsored by the University of Connecticut, the website acts as a forum on the environment, native peoples, history and culture of the Arctic Circle with resources such as photographs and academic texts.

The Harriman Expedition Retraced
Explore the companion website for a PBS film about the 2001 expedition that retraced the famous Harriman expedition of 1899, with information on the film as well as personal accounts of the scientific and cultural findings of both of the expeditions.

The State of Alaska
Visit the Alaska state government's official website.

SLED: Statewide Library Electronic Doorway
A virtual database for Alaska's state libraries, this site includes Alaskan community, library and government information as well as links to outside resources.

The United States Army Center of Military History
This U.S. Army Web site presents information and primary documents on the history of the American military dating back to the late 1700s. Pieces from the Army Art Collection, photographs and historical military documents are just some of the resources available in the online library.

American Experience: Hoover Dam
The Hoover Dam transformed the West in many of the same ways that the Alaska Highway transformed Alaska. This AMERICAN EXPERIENCE companion site presents facts on U.S. dams and background information on one of the largest construction projects of the 1930s.

American Experience: Golden Gate Bridge
Fans of construction history will be interested in this PBS website, a companion to the AMERICAN EXPERIENCE program on the Golden Gate Bridge. Explore San Francisco Bay before and after the bridge, pick your favorite suspension bridge, and learn about the math bridge engineers use.


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