Teaching Abraham Lincoln
The National Endowment for the Humanities EDSITEment Spotlight site on Abraham Lincoln offers teachers featured lessons plus links to essential resources for incorporating Lincoln into school curricula.

Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address
This government site offers large images of the handwritten text of Lincoln’s famous speech, along with transcripts.

Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln
This mini-exhibit from the Library of Congress includes a gallery of illustrations from the time of Lincoln’s death.

Ford’s Theatre: A Virtual Tour
See the inside of the famous theater with a few clicks of your mouse.

Trial of the Lincoln Assassination Conspirators, 1865
Part of University of Missouri-Kansas City law school professor Douglas Linder’s Famous American Trials site, these pages profile the conspirators, offer a chronology and newspaper accounts, and more.

Surratt House Museum
Learn more about the Surratt family and the area through which John Wilkes Booth escaped, and access the transcripts of the conspirators’ trial.


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