Jimmy Carter Library & Museum
Carter's presidential library, located in Atlanta, Georgia, features online documents and photographs, including Carter's daily diary from 1977 to 1981. The site also presents selected
presidential speeches.

Jimmy Carter National Historic Site
The National Park Service administers the Carter National Historic Site in Plains, Georgia. The site includes Carter's residence, his boyhood school, family farm, and the railroad depot where he headquartered his 1976 presidential campaign.

1976 Man of the Year: Jimmy Carter
Time magazine named Carter its 1976 Man of the Year. 

The Carter Center
The website for this non-profit, non-governmental organization presents more information on the Carters' post-presidential activities.

Visit the AMERICAN EXPERIENCE Web site on President Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter's nemesis in 1980.

Shattered Dreams of Peace
The PBS news documentary program, Frontline, examines the frustrating quest for peace in the Middle East from 1993 to 2002.

The U.S. and Middle East Peace
The U.S. State Department's International Information Program presents background information on America's involvement in the Middle East peace process. The site includes a detailed chronology of events from Camp David to the present, as well as the complete text of the Camp David Accords.

Israel and the Palestinians: Key Maps
BBC News Online presents a series of historical maps illustrating the conflict over land in the Middle East.

Held Hostage in Iran: A First Tour Like No Other
Former CIA agent William J. Daugherty wrote this memoir of his 444 days held hostage in Iran during the Carter administration.

Desert One: A Mission of Hope Turned Tragic
In April 2001, the Air Force's Airman magazine looked back at the failed hostage rescue attempt in Iran. The article includes a map of the attempted rescue and an interview with a survivor of the fiery disaster.

20 Years After the Hostages
The National Security Archive at George Washington University publishes an electronic briefing book of declassified national security documents on U.S.-Iran relations.

The Guinea Worm Eradication Effort: Lessons for the Future
In a 1998 article, Dr. Donald Hopkins of the Carter Center describes the campaigm to eradicate Guinea worm disease, and explores its implications for eradicating other diseases in the future.

Peanuts: Georgia Agricultural Resources
Learn about peanuts, the official state crop of Georgia.

A Photo Dossier on Sharecropping
The University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)'s Modern American Poetry Web site presents background information on poet Sterling A. Brown, including photographs of sharecroppers. The site also features an
essay, with bibliography, that describes the practice of sharecropping and mentions writers, such as Alice Walker, who have explored the subject. When Jimmy Carter was a boy, his family ran their farm with tenant farmers.


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