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Conference on Hernandez v. Texas at Fifty. Sponsored by University of Houston Law Center and Arte Publico Press
Provides a wealth of articles and primary material about the case.

Mungia, Ruben (ed). A Cotton Picker Finds Justice: The Saga of the Hernandez Case (1954)
A pamphlet spearheaded by Gus Garc


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Russell Lee Photographs: Images from The Russell Lee Photograph Collection at the Center for American History. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2007.


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“Border Bandits.” Directed by Kirby Warnock. Dallas: Trans-Pecos Productions.

“Mendez vs. Westminster: For All the Children/Para Todos Los Niños.” KOCE-TVPBS.

“Justice for my People: The Hector P. García Story.” Corpus Christi: KEDT, South Texas Public Broadcasting System. 2002.

“Salt of the Earth.” Directed by Herbert J. Biberman. Independent Productions/International Union of Mine, Mill & Smelter Workers. 1954.


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