Famous First Bubbles: The Stock Market Crash of 1929
Prof. D. J. C. Smant of the Rotterdam School of Economics analyzes speculative bubbles, including the 1929 crash, with economic explanations and graphs.

Wall Street Crash Simulation Activity
Start with $1,000 and figure out if you need to buy or sell. This site, produced by an English schoolteacher, quickly demonstrates what happened in 1929, by making events affect your own (virtual) financial picture. (Note: you must pay to register.)

EconEdLink: New York Stock Exchange Made Easy
This site from the National Council on Economic Education provides teacher worksheets for tracking stocks and a multiple-choice quiz on the stock market with questions about terms and history.

NOVA: Trillion Dollar Bet
Learn about online trading and Wall Street terms, and play a “virtual market,” at this Web site from PBS’ acclaimed science series, NOVA.

Frontline: The Wall Street Fix
The PBS investigative program, Frontline, explores the challenges of restoring public trust in Wall Street today. The Web site provides interviews, analysis, and the opportunity to watch the entire program online.

American Experience: Gallery of American Nobelists in Economics
America has been a magnet for the world’s top economists. On this companion site to a PBS American Experience program about John Nash, meet 32 Nobel laureates who called the U.S. home, and learn about their pathbreaking work.

Dow Jones Index – Industrial Averages
This useful site presents a graph of the Dow Jones average from 1895 to the present and indicates world historical events.

NYSE Online Factbook
A comprehensive fact book from the New York Stock Exchange includes contemporary and historical market data, but may be a bit hard to understand if you aren’t fluent in Wall Street-speak.


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