Patrick Breen’s Diary
The diary of Donner party member Patrick Breen is presented in its entirety online.

The Pages of the Breen Diary
Browse the Breen diary page by page on this Web site created by the University of California at Berkeley.

Donner Party Daily Log
Self-described amateur historian Daniel M. Rosen has compiled primary sources as well as his own Donner party research on this Web site. Included are the detailed daily logs he created using direct quotes and commentary, which span from April 1846 to April 1847.

History of the Donner Party
This online book by C. F. McGlashan spans the winter of 1846-1847, from when the party initially was stranded to when they were finally rescued.

Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail
The National Park Service provides information, including driving maps, history, and a list of trail sites, for this historic 1,415-mile trail through Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Utah.

Utah History: Pioneers and Cowboys
The Utah State Historical Society presents a series of illustrated essays on pioneers and their times.

Transcontinental Railroad
See how an iron road transformed the way west for settlers. This AMERICAN EXPERIENCE Web site includes information on Western settlement’s impact on Native Americans. Visitors can track the seven-year construction project, drive the railroad’s route past Donner Lake with the film producers today, and more.

Books and Articles

Bryant, Edwin. What I Saw in California. University of Nebraska Press, 1985.

Hall, Carroll. Donner Miscellany. The Book Club of San Francisco, 1947.

King, Joseph A. Winter of Entrapment. P. D. Meany, 1992, 2nd edition 1994.

McGlashan, C. F. History of the Donner Party. 1881. Reprint Palo Alto, California: Stanford University Press, 1940.

Morgan, Dale. Overland in 1846. Talisman Press, 1963. Republished by Bison Book/University of Nebraska Press, 1993.

Murphy, Virginia Reed. Across the Plains in the Donner Party. Vistabooks, 1995.

Stewart, George R. Ordeal by Hunger. Lincoln, Nebraska: University of Nebraska Press, 1960.

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