Freedom Summer


Wisconsin Historical Society’s Timeline for the 1964 Freedom Summer Project
Explore a timeline and read original documents from Freedom Summer.

The Newseum’s Freedom Summer Exhibit
View a gallery of TIME photographer Ted Polumbaum's images of Freedom Summer, from training in Ohio to the Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City.

The University of Southern Mississippi’s Civil Rights in Mississippi Digital Archive
The University of Mississippi is located in Hattiesburg, MS one of the major centers of Freedom Summer. The Civil Rights in Mississippi Digital Archive includes a selection of digitized photographs, letters, diaries, and other documents.

Miami University’s Freedom Summer Text Collection
The Western College for Women where students from across the country trained for Freedom Summer is now a part of Miami University. Their collection contains documents, images and other materials from that summer.

Civil Rights Movement Veterans’ Mississippi Freedom Summer Events
The content available on the Civil Rights Movement Veterans' site was created by the Veterans of the Southern Freedom Movement (1951-1968) to share the stories and information about their time fighting for equal rights. The Mississippi Freedom Summer Events page has a timeline and links to primary source documents about the summer of 1964.

Civil Rights Digital Library’s Freedom Summer Archive
The Civil Rights Digital Library's Freedom Summer archive provides links to material from library archives relating to that summer, including the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Emory University and University of Southern Mississippi.

Library of Congress’ webcast of presentation by Tracy Sugarman
Listen to a web interview with illustrator Tracy Sugarman on his experiences in Mississippi during the summer of 1964.


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