The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District
Visit the bridge's official Web site to check out a bridgecam with a live view of Golden Gate traffic -- and access a research library full of information on the bridge, past and present.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Explore the cultural and political history of the parks and landmarks within the Golden Gate, on this site provided by the National Park Service and U.S. Department of the Interior.

Golden Gate and San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Construction
The Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco presents this group of construction folios, photos, and documents related to the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge and its counterpart to the east, the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

BART History and Facts
The Web site of the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District presents this history of urban planning initiatives in the region following the Golden Gate Bridge's construction.

Golden Gate Ferry: Fleet History
Yes, there is still a ferry across the Golden Gate. Read the service's history here, and access schedules and information about current ferry services.

American Experience: Ansel Adams
Learn about one of San Francisco's most famous sons, the legendary photographer who revealed America's wild beauty. The gallery includes Adams' photograph of the Golden Gate before the bridge was built.

Moulin Studios Chronology
Find out more about a family of photographers who took pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge before and after its construction.


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