Ulysses S. Grant Association
This organization collects documents relating to Grant, publishes Grant's papers (under the direction of Prof. John Y. Simon), and includes several interesting items on its Web site, including Julia Dent Grant's account of her and her husband's courtship; a complete summary of Grant's military career; and a geneology of the Grant family.

The Time of the Lincolns
Explore Grant's and Lincoln's era in another AMERICAN EXPERIENCE website, from issues of abolition and slavery to the footsoldier's experience in the war.

Reconstruction: The Second Civil War
AMERICAN EXPERIENCE'S Reconstruction website shows how, in just a few years, a series of stunning events -- the Emancipation Proclamation, the Fourteenth Amendment granting ex-slaves citizenship in 1868, the enfranchisement of blacks the following year -- reversed centuries-old patterns of race relations in America. 

The American Civil War
Dakota State University professor Jim Janke provides an extensive index to Civil War websites, sorted into convenient subject headings.

The United States Civil War Center
Search Civil War cemetary records, see a calendar of Civil War-related events, and explore a unique exhibit on Confederate currency, "Beyond Face Value."

The Civil War Home Page
This site compiles out-of-copyright "accounts of campaigns and battles, strategies and tactics, often written by participants of both high and low rank."

The Battle of Shiloh Official Records and Battle Description
Read the official records submitted by military personnel at Shiloh, a Confederate description of the battle, or a detailed, hour-by-hour Shiloh timeline.

World's Fairs & Expositions: Centennial Exposition
This collection of links into Cornell University's Making of America primary document library and other Web resources includes plans and projections, descriptions, and issues and problems relating to the Centennial Exposition in 1876.

Grant's Granddaughter's Memoirs
Revolutionary Days
, by Princess Julia Cantacuzene, is freely available online. Grant's first grandchild, who married into the Russian nobility, includes a description of her famous grandfather's death, plus an account of her own adventures in tzarist Russia and the Russian Revolution.

Mark Twain on PBS
Visit the companion site to a PBS documentary on America's beloved humorist and writer, and one of Ulysses Grant's best friends.

The Education of Henry Adams
Read this free on-line version of Pulitzer Prize-winning memoirs by one of President Grant's most vocal opponents, the descendant of presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams.


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