Jerry Kobalenko's "Ellesmere Island" Blog
The Greely Expedition interviewee Jerry Kobalenko keeps a blog about Ellesmere Island with writings, images, maps and archival photographs from his Arctic travels.

Abandoned in the Arctic: Documentary Film
A documentary from Cocked Hat Ventures LLC, released in 2009.

Arlington National Cemetery: Adolphus Washington Greely
Biography of A.W. Greely from the Arlington National Cemetery website and images from his gravesite.

The Arctic Saga of David Legg Brainard
A website assembled by a descendant of David Brainard, which includes a biography and description of his journey as a member of Greely's crew.

A Biographical Sketch of Gen. David L. Brainard, US Army
Biography of David Brainard from the International Polar Year website.

Chances for Arctic Survival: Greely's Expedition Revisited
A PDF article written for Arctic Magazine in December 2002.

James Booth Lockwood Biography
Biography of crew member James Lockwood from a Hassan Cigarette Card series in 1914.

The Internet Archive
Scanned archival documents from the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition.

International Polar Year Links


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