Flu Portal
H1N1 resources for the public media.

Weekly Influenza Surveillance Reports from the CDC
See a map of current flu activity in the U.S.

Influenza 1918 
See a video clip from Influenza 1918 on filmmaker Robert Kenner’s Web site.??

The Great War
The official PBS site for the award-winning World War I documentary series

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides the public with reliable information on current health issues. Find the latest news available on the seasonal flu virus on this web site.

World Health Organization
As a specialized agency of the United Nations, the World Health Organization is responsible for monitoring health trends on a universal scale. This site contains information on the avian flu as well as the 2009 H1N1 pandemic.

National Institutes of Health
Medical information for this site is compiled from national health authorities to educate the public on how to prevent the spread of disease. Influenza tutorials and fact sheets are available to the public from the Food and Drug Administration as well as the American Medical Association.

The Mayo Clinic
Information on diagnosis and treatment of the flu can be found on the Mayo Clinic’s influenza website. The “Expert Answers” page provides information from leading health professionals about symptoms and transmission of the virus.


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