American Experience: Reconstruction: The Second Civil War
Watch the TV program or see mini-documentaries on topics in the history of Reconstruction. Explore primary sources and hear historians discuss the important issues of the period.

American Experience: The Time of the Lincolns
Explore the long-vanished world of Mary Todd and Abraham Lincoln, including arguments for and against slavery, the economic growth of America in the mid-19th century, women's suffrage, the bloody Civil War, and the partisan politics that divided the nation in two.

Jesse James: Last Rebel of the Civil War
Author T.J. Stiles presents research related to his book on Jesse James on this website. Read essays like "Tactics of the Guerrilla War in Missouri," delve into primary source archives, and access links to related sites.

The Defeat of Jesse James Days
The town of Northfield, Minnesota, celebrates "The Defeat of Jesse James Days" on the anniversary of the failed raid on the Northfield Bank. Read the story of how the townspeople stood up to the James gang from the Defeat of Jesse James Days Celebration Committee. 


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