Ulysses S. Grant: Warrior
AMERICAN EXPERIENCE presents a 90 minute film on Union General Ulysses S. Grant.

Appomattox Court House National Historical Park
Official National Park Service site with an expanded in depth section on the surrender at Appomattox.

Arlington House and Robert E. Lee Memorial
Arlington House was the home of Robert E. Lee and his family for 30 years.

Gettysburg Foundation 
A partnership with the National Park Service that enhances the preservation and understanding of the heritage and lasting significance of Gettysburg.

Library of Congress Webcast
A Portrait of Robert E. Lee Through His Private Letters

The Museum of the Confederacy
A collection of artifacts, manuscripts, and photographs from the Confederate States of America.

The Office of Robert E. Lee
Lee Chapel & Museum, Washington and Lee University.

Robert E. Lee Boyhood Home Virtual Museum
The Boyhood Home Of Robert ELee In Alexandria, VA., a description and a virtual tour.

Robert E. Lee Mexican War Maps, Virginia Military Institute
Collection details and online exhibit from the VMI Archives. 

Robert E. Lee Papers
From Special Collections at Washington and Lee University.

Robert E. Lee Timeline
"Today in Civil War History" offers a summary of Lee's battles during the war.

Stratford Hall
Home of the Lees of Virginia and Birthplace of Robert E. Lee.


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