Ohio State University
Jesse Owens' alma mater offers a deep look into the World-record runner's personal and professional life. Spanning his childhood, family, schooling, Olympic successes, and legacy, the site offers biographies, timelines and extensive photo galleries.

Jesse Owens: Olympic Legend
The Jesse Owens Trust provides a biography, photo galleries, quotes, links and more.

Jesse Owens Memorial Park: Biography
The Jesse Owens Museum in Alabama is dedicated to preserving Jesse Owens' legacy. Their extensive biography breaks down all the chapters of his life, from his childhood to his charity work after the Olympics.

ESPN: "Owens Pierced a Myth"
This article highlights the young athlete's rise to greatness through his high school years, college track success, and broken records at the 1936 Olympics.

The Jesse Owens Foundation
This non-profit organization uses Owens' story to promote youth activities and encourage children's development to their fullest potential. They provide an insightful look into Owens' life.

Medal Quest
This site from PBS highlights American Athletes and the Paralympic Games.


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