Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum
Explore the library of the president who concealed his polio-caused infirmities from the public.

Hauck Center for the Albert B. Sabin Archives, University of Cincinnati
Access a biography and video clip of the developer of the oral polio vaccine, and see the scope of his extensive archives.

The March of Dimes Foundation: History
Learn more about this health charity’s successes in the past, and its efforts today.

Post-Polio Health International
This portal provides information about living independently with polio. Read articles and learn about education, advocacy, research, and more.

Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute
The Georgia institution founded by Franklin D. Roosevelt still runs a comprehensive rehabilitation center. Find out more about its history and programs.

Rotary International: End Polio
This polio history presentation begins in ancient Egypt and ends with the organization’s efforts to achieve a polio-free world.

Wytheville Museums
Learn more about the Virginia town featured in the documentary, The Polio Crusade.


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