Ronald Reagan: Presidential Library 
The home page for Reagan's presidential library, it offers information on the former president, the library itself and its collections. Coming soon--educational materials and personal information about Reagan, such as anecdotes and a biography.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation
Situated in Simi Valley, California, this private museum and library hosts more images, speeches, quotes and a special section just for kids.

The Essential Ronald Reagan 
Here you will find a few video clips from the documentary "The Essential Ronald Reagan" and information on how to order the film.

Ronald Reagan Online Reference Resource 
From the Miller Center of Public Affairs, essays on Reagan and his administration, presidential speeches, a multimedia gallery, and more. 

Ronald Reagan 
Part of the larger Internet Public Library's Presidents of the US Site, this is an extensive online resource, offering election results, a list of Reagan's Cabinet members, a personal fact sheet, links to other political figures and presidents, the first lady, sound and image files, primary sources, and many other Reagan-related sites.

Filmography for Ronald Reagan 
From the Internet Movie Database, this page provides the film history of our 40th president; it also includes a brief biography, still photos, and related information.



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