National Park Service
The official site of Mount Rushmore National Memorial: download maps of the park and the Keystone area, learn about volunteering at Mount Rushmore, or print out a travel guide to South Dakota's biggest attraction.

South Dakota State Historical Society
The state Department of Education and Cultural Affairs maintains this Web site, which includes online exhibits of South Dakota history, Dakota profiles, and information about state archaeology and research programs.

Travel South Dakota
See movies of Fourth of July fireworks at Rushmore, or plan a trip to the Coyote State, on this tourism site.

American Park Network
Explore a wealth of travelers' information on how to get to and enjoy Mount Rushmore.

Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation
See pictures, read articles, browse job opportunities, and follow the progress of South Dakota's other massive monument, Korczak Ziolkowski's Crazy Horse Memorial.

Shades of Gray: The Changing Focus of Stone Mountain Park
An excellent review of the history of Stone Mountain, Gutzon Borglum's first massive mountain sculpture project, with primary documents, photographs and bibliography.

American Indian Activism and the Resurgence of Tribal Government
Larry Zimmerman at the University of Iowa offers in-depth lecture notes for his Introduction to American Indian and Native Studies course, including links to other websites on the subject.

Out of Rushmore's Shadow: The Artistic Development of Gutzon Borglum
Resource Library Magazine presents a summary of an exhibition at the Stamford (CT) Museum and Nature Center of Borglum's art in addition to Rushmore.

Springville Museum of Art
Read a brief, illustrated biography of Gutzon Borglum from Utah's oldest museum.

Greatest Films
Read a detailed plot summary with dialogue from Alfred Hitchcock's North by Northwest


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