Seabiscuit: An American Legend
Author Laura Hillenbrand’s website includes a slide show of historic photos, news about her book and the Hollywood film version of Seabiscuit’s story, and information on author appearances.

Seabiscuit: The Movie
The companion website to the Hollywood film, Seabiscuit, includes a gallery of production stills, a trailer, and information about the film’s release in summer 2003.

Thoroughbred Champions
Read detailed biographies of legendary race horses and find historical and current racing information on this site, created by journalists who love horse racing.

Santa Anita Park
Visit the race track where Seabiscuit ran in the hundred-grander, and learn about California horse racing today.

National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame
Discover the history of horse racing in online exhibits, and see which horses, jockeys and trainers have made it into the Hall of Fame.

International Museum of the Horse
This museum’s online exhibit provides an overview of horses in competitive sports, from Thoroughbred racing to polo.

The Blood-Horse Online
Follow Triple Crown mania at this site devoted to horse racing and breeding news.

The Thoroughbred Times
Explore the latest racing news and discover racing’s past on this comprehensive racing news website.

Daily Racing Form
Find up-to-date coverage of the latest races on the website of “America’s Turf Authority.”

Barbara Livingston Photography
Browse a gallery of photographs by an award-winning photographer of horses and horse racing.

Camera for Photofinish Photography at Racetracks
Andrew Davidhazy of the Rochester Institute of Technology provides a simple explanation of how photo-finish cameras at racetracks work.


Beckwith, B. K.. Seabiscuit: The Saga of a Great Champion. Los Angeles Turf Club, 1975.
This early biography of Seabiscuit was originally published in 1940, when Seabiscuit was still a national phenomenon.

Bowen, Edward L. The Jockey Club’s Illustrated History of Thoroughbred Racing in America. Boston: Bulfinch Press, 1994.
A beautifully illustrated overview of one hundred years of American horse racing.

Burt, Don. Winning with the American Quarter Horse. New York: Doubleday, 1996. 
Learn the basics and technical aspects of horse racing in this encyclopedia-like work.

Conley, Kevin. Stud: Adventures in Breeding. New York: Bloomsbury USA, 2002.
This fine read is part travelogue through Kentucky bluegrass country and part guide to the history of equine breeding.

Hillenbrand, Laura. Seabiscuit, An American Legend. New York: Ballantine Publishing, 2001.
The definitive biography of Seabiscuit — and a national best-seller.

Hotaling, Edward. They’re Off! Horse Racing at Saratoga. Syracuse, New York: Syracuse University Press, 1995.
This book focuses on the early days of American horseracing and profiles famous horses such as Man o’ War, War Admiral, and Seabiscuit.

Moody, Ralph. Come on Seabiscuit. Greenwich, Connecticut: Bison Books Corp., 2003 (reprint).
By the writer best known for his eight Little Britches books, this volume is a reprint of the short book about Seabiscuit published in 1963.

Rachlis, Eric, ed. Horse Racing: The Golden Age of the Track. San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2001.
See the “glory days” of horse racing through the eyes of Bert Morgan, the former official photographer for the New York Racing Association from the mid-1930s to the 1950s.

Simon, Mary and Mark. Racing Through the Century: The Story of Thoroughbred Racing in America. Mission Viejo, California: Bowtie Press, 2003.
This book chronicles the ever-changing fortunes of horse racing and its devotees.

Scatoni, Frank R., ed. Finished Lines: A Collection of Memorable Writing on Thoroughbred RacingDRF (Daily Racing Form) Press, 2002.
Writings about races, horses, jockeys, and trainers, including pieces by William Faulkner, Damon Runyon and Laura Hillenbrand.

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