From the earliest days of Silicon Valley to more contemporary pioneers of technological innovation, here is a collection of further reading materials from AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, as well as other additional resources. We have organized the websites by type, and you will find a select list of books at the bottom of the page.


Silicon Valley History Online
Several libraries involved with the Silicon Valley Local History Network launched this collaborative website to put 1,000 historical images online, including photographs, maps, letters, manuscripts, scrapbooks, etc.

Silicon Valley Historical Association
This website features clips from documentary films, oral histories and an online archive about the history of Silicon Valley, made available by the Silicon Valley Historical Association.

The Computer History Museum Online Exhibits
The Computer History Museum offers many online exhibits featuring materials from their collections.

Intel Museum: Robert Noyce, Statesman of Silicon Valley
This online exhibit explores Intel's leader and co-founder, Robert Noyce. It features a timeline, videos and related material.

This PBS program's website features a timeline and information about the history of the transistor and technological innovation from 1898 - 2000.


NOVA Interview with Steve Jobs
PBS's NOVA series interviewed the late Steve Jobs May 14, 1990, one of the few videotaped interviews with him that exist.

Silicon Genesis: An Oral History of Semiconductor Technology
Collected and made available by Stanford University, Silicon Genesis is a collection of oral history interviews about Silicon Valley.


The Silicon Engine: A Timeline of Semiconductors in Computers
This timeline from the Computer History Museum provides detailed information on major milestones in the development of semiconductors, 1833-1979.

Intel Timeline: A History of Innovation
This corporate timeline from Intel traces the big moments in the company's history, from its founding in 1968 to its ongoing business today.

Fairchild Semiconductor History
When William Shockley founded Fairchild Semiconductor in 1955, he began a technological revolution that would transform California's Santa Clara Valley. This Fairchild timeline follows the company's history through the present day.

The Birth of Silicon Valley
This timeline from NPR charts the key moments in technology and venture capital that shaped Silicon Valley, 1938-1971.

The History of Silicon Valley
This timeline and accompanying photo gallery note the chief developments in the history of Silicon Valley, from Charles Herrold's school for radio engineers in 1909 to the current popularity of Facebook and social networking.

A Timeline of Silicon Valley
This detailed timeline notes major events that occurred in the Bay Area, as well as those that affected the development of computers generally.


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