Enterprising Women: 250 Years of American Business
This Web site from Harvard University and the National Heritage Museum explores the history of women in business. Access information on Brownie Wise and a host of other enterprising women, play the "Mind Your Own Business" game, and share your own stories.

Harvard Magazine: Burping Cash
Harvard Magazine goes behind the scenes with Tupperware! producer Laurie Kahn-Leavitt to describe the documentary and what it reveals about the 50s.

American Experience: Miss America
Follow American women through the major cultural and political events of the 20th century, and track the changing female ideal.

People's Century: Boomtime
This companion Web site for a PBS program addresses post-war prosperity and how it changed lifestyles and cultural values. Read the interview with Georgette Braga to find out about her Tupperware experience!

Lisa's Nostalgia Café: The Fifties Home
This Web site presents an interesting set of 50s trends with illustrations and links covering subjects like Eames furniture, how to set up a home bar, the history of the washing machine, and more.

Levittown: Building the Suburban Dream
The State Museum of Pennsylvania takes a look at Levittown, the vast suburban housing development that came to represent the postwar American dream, in this online exhibit.

American Plastics Council: History of Plastics
Get the inside story on the evolution of plastics, accompanied by descriptions of the major discoveries and inventions, from the industry trade association's website.

Direct Selling Association
Scan a brief history of the Direct Selling Association. The site also includes a page with answers to common questions about direct selling.

Women's Statistics New Releases
Look to the U.S. Census Bureau for current information on women in the United States: education levels, percentage voting, single mothers, and more.

Resources for the Study of Women's History and Culture
This huge and helpful Library of Congress site provides access to millions of digital documents, films, and images relating to the history of women from many Library collections -- general collections, recorded sound, moving images, rare books, manuscripts, folklife, and more.

The Prelinger Film Archives
Rick Prelinger spent two decades collecting remarkable advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur films -- and you can screen them for free on this Internet Archive site. Some of the footage in Tupperware! came from the Prelinger collection.


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