Access these AMERICAN EXPERIENCE websites for resources on American settlement and Westward migration.

The Duel The Duel
Find out about President Thomas Jefferson and the Louisiana Purchase.


A Midwife's Tale A Midwife's Tale
Read about the pioneers who built frontier communities in early 19th century Maine.


New Orleans New Orleans
Access maps of the many Crescent Cities at the mouth of the Mississippi.


Remember the Alamo Remember the Alamo
Find a Texas history map, read about Texas independence, and trace the history of the Santa Fe Expedition.


The Mormons The Mormons
See a map of Mormon migrations, follow Utah's path to statehood, and more.


The Donner Party The Donner Party
Learn more about the ill-fated pioneer group, why they headed west, and their "route to hell," plus read excerpts from a Donner Party diary.


The Gold Rush The Gold Rush
See if you have what it takes to "Strike It Rich!" -- and access maps, profiles of Forty-Niners, and more.


Transcontinental Railroad Transcontinental Railroad
Map the Central and Union Pacific crews' race to Utah, learn construction lore, view a gallery of people whose lives the railroad impacted, and take a scouting trip with the film's producers.


Lost in the Grand Canyon Lost in the Grand Canyon
Find out if you can make it through the Colorado River's tricky Granite Rapid, explore layers of geology, learn about the U.S. Geological Survey and its expeditions, and more.


Reconstruction: State by State Reconstruction: State by State
Get a snapshot of America in 1870. Explore an interactive map that shows the economic impact of the Civil War on each state.


Chicago Chicago: City of the Century
See a gallery of key innovations that found success in 19th-century Chicago, including Cyrus McCormick's mechanical reaper.


Ansel Adams Ansel Adams
Learn about the "closing" of the American wilderness.


Las Vegas Las Vegas
Yes, it does have a history! Delve into a map of Las Vegas, including the town's frontier days.


America 1900 America 1900
Access an interview with historian Walter LaFeber on America's economic and industrial expansion.

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