The Clinton documentary premieres over two nights in February 2012. The total viewing time is four hours. For your convenience, we have described the program in chapters. You may want to use specific chapters to focus classroom discussion and activities.

Part 1: The Comeback Kid

Chapter 1: Introduction
America's 42nd president experienced success, misjudgment, catastrophe and comeback.

Chapter 2: Political Ambition
When the Gennifer Flowers scandal threatens his 1992 presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton comes to the rescue. They met while attending Yale Law School in 1971.

Chapter 3: Early Life
Growing up with alcohol abuse and physical violence at home, Clinton -- a natural leader -- immerses himself in school activities. After meeting JFK in 1963, Clinton is inspired to enter politics. He runs in his first political race at age 28.

Chapter 4: Entering Politics
Clinton becomes the Governor of Arkansas, but after hiking taxes, he loses his reelection campaign. Bill and Hillary get married, but his infidelity continues.

Chapter 5: Governor Clinton
Clinton wins his third bid for Governor and focuses on education. He gains national attention but does not run for president, citing a need for family time. The Clintons fear their dream is over.

Chapter 6: The Comeback Kid
Clinton runs for president against Republican incumbent George H. W. Bush while facing allegations of infidelity and draft-dodging. Though he gains momentum on the campaign trail, he still only has the support from the minority of the country.

Chapter 7: A Big Leap
The new president faces unexpected obstacles in the White House. While the economy begins to turn around, the new 'Don't Ask, Don’t Tell' policy dominates the headlines.

Chapter 8: A Series of Scandals
From Travelgate to Hairgate to Whitewater, scandal surrounds the Clintons during the dawn of the 24-hour news cycle. Amidst the chaos, the Clinton's close friend Vince Foster commits suicide.

Chapter 9: Balancing the Budget
Renegging on campaign promises, Clinton must raise taxes and reduce spending to balance the budget. With his presidency on the line, Clinton pushes hard to pass the Federal Budget.

Chapter 10: Somalia and Rwanda
U.S. intervention in Somalia ends in disaster, making the President hesitant to involve American troops when chaos erupts in Rwanda. Clinton learns both the cost of action and the cost of inaction.

Chapter 11: "The Worst Mistake"
As the Whitewater scandal heats up, the Clintons refuse to cooperate with the press despite warnings that the Washington Post would go on the attack.

Chapter 12: Health Care
Clinton makes universal healthcare his signature issue and tasks Hillary to lead the initiative. But the plan will fail before coming up for a vote.

Chapter 13: Midterm Elections
Newt Gingrich leads an effort towards a 'Republican Revolution' in the 1994 midterm elections. He succeeds, and Democrats lose control of both the House and the Senate.

Chapter 14: End Credits


Part 2: The Survivor

Chapter 1: Introduction
Recap of Part 1.

Chapter 2: A Change in the President
Following the Republican-dominated midterm elections, the Clinton Administration makes some changes. Newt Gingrich takes center stage.

Chapter 3: The Clinton Doctrine
After the Oklahoma City bombing, Clinton finds his voice at home. Conflicts in Europe help him do so internationally, and he develops a new vision of America's interests abroad.

Chapter 4: The Biggest Gamble of the Presidency
With Democrats and Republicans unable to agree on a balanced budget, the Federal Government shuts down. In the relatively quiet White House, Clinton meets intern Monica Lewinsky.

Chapter 5: Strategy Based on "Values"
After a long partisan showdown, Clinton wins the battle of the budget and the shutdown is over. Capitalizing on his momentum, he adopts a new strategy based on 'values.'

Chapter 6: The Whitewater Investigation
Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr scours the President's past for evidence of crimes in the Whitewater real estate deal.

Chapter 7: Second Term
While signing welfare reform makes him unpopular in his own party, Clinton's prospects for the future are looking brighter than ever. He wins his bid for reelection with 70 percent of the electoral vote.

Chapter 8: Monica Lewinsky
White House intern Monica Lewinsky tells her friend Linda Tripp about her affair with the president. Lewinsky is subpoenaed to testify in a sexual harassment lawsuit against Clinton by Paula Jones.

Chapter 9: The Trap
The story breaks. When Lewinsky will not admit to the affair, Ken Starr plans to ask Clinton about it under oath. If the president denies it, he would be committing perjury.

Chapter 10: "There is No Relationship"
To the public, Clinton denies having an inappropriate relationship with Lewinsky, but as evidence mounts he finally admits the truth to Hillary. The Starr prosecutors get little from their four-hour deposition.

Chapter 11: "Wag the Dog"
Clinton goes on national television to admit he had an affair with Lewinsky, and many urge him to resign. After Al Qaeda attacks two U.S. embassies in Africa, Clinton green-lights missile strikes on training camps in Afghanistan, narrowly missing Osama bin Laden.

Chapter 12: Impeachment
From the Rose Garden, Clinton apologizes to the American people who see the Starr report as a persecution. Clinton becomes the second president in U.S. history to be impeached by the House.

Chapter 13: Final Years
Clinton faces enormous restraints in the last two years of his presidency. Though he does not establish peace between Israel and Palestine, he achieves a surplus in the federal budget and supports Hillary in her successful Senate bid.

Chapter 14: End Credits


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