The Eve of Battle: Saturday, April 5, 1862

You've got a reputation. Almost a year into this war and the only real luck the Union has had were those two Confederate river forts you captured in the West a couple months back. That made most folks up north feel pretty good. They say if anyone can collapse the rebellion, you can.

So here you are at Pittsburg Landing in Tennessee. You've got 42,000 Union soldiers under your command. You're waiting to meet up with General Buell and his 35,000 Union men. The plan is to combine forces under General Halleck and attack Corinth, Mississippi, an important railroad junction.

Now that you're here, it's probably a good idea to check out the area. Check out the map to see exactly where your six divisions are stationed. Most are slightly west, and one is on the river (under General Lew Wallace's command). Looks like you're pretty confident things are going to run according to plan, because you've set up your own headquarters further north in Savannah.

You're feeling good and all is quiet. You're just hanging out, waiting for Buell to arrive.

Your troops can't just sit around. What are your orders, General?

A - Dig trenches to be ready for a Confederate surprise 

B - Prepare for the upcoming attack on Corinth.

C - Send out patrols to watch the Confederates.

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