The battle of Shiloh, fought over two days in April 1862, was one of the Civil War's bloodiest clashes. Thousands of soldiers on both sides died.

But exactly what happened during those two awful days? Was Union general Ulysses S. Grant a hero? Or did his decisions at Shiloh lead to tragedy? Walk the battlefield in his boots and judge for yourself. You'll need all the information you can get, so use the clues to help you out. The pressure is on. Everyone is waiting for you to act. After all, You're the General.

Jump to key decision points during the battle:

The Eve of the Battle, April 5 1862
 "The Ball is in Motion." April 6, 6am - noon.
Holding the Line. April 6, noon - 6pm.
Darkness and Decision. April 6, 6pm - midnight. 


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