What kind of person would you have been in the American West?

Take this personality quiz to see what you have in common with some famous Western folks. Choose the answer to each question that describes you best. When you're done, scroll down to see your results.

1. Do you enjoy hiking or climbing through rough terrain?

2. Would you take on the mathematical and scientific challenges involved in designing a transcontinental railroad?

3. If you came upon a stranded family heading to California, would you be willing to stop and help them fix their wagon?

4. When sitting around the campfire, would your friends look to you to spin a good story or play some music?

5. Would you run for mayor in a frontier town?

6. When planning a trip West, would you research and follow published directions for the Overland Trail?

7. If you worked for the Union Pacific, would you be the troubleshooter when a railroad car needed fixing?

8. If you were tracking an outlaw on the frontier, would you enjoy interviewing townspeople to uncover clues?

9. When you arrived in a frontier town, would you seek out new friends at the local saloon?

10. If you had some free time would you go see a traveling musical revue or other entertainment?

11. As the boss of a mining company, would you be comfortable telling workers what to do?

12. If your frontier town needed a better water supply, would you enjoy managing the construction of an irrigation system?

13. Would you describe yourself as practical and "down-to-earth"?

14. If you met some pioneering photographers, would you want to find out how their cameras worked?

15. If you relocated to a Western town, would you make it a high priority to seek new friends there?

16. Would you loan your talents to your town's first-ever Founders' Day celebration by writing, drawing, singing, building, or acting?

17. Do you hope to be as famous as Buffalo Bill or Annie Oakley?

18. If you chose to pack up and head West, would you first attend to all your local business affairs?


These results show what you have in common with some famous Western folks.

Realistic -- if you answered 'yes' to questions 1, 7, 13 John Muir, c1902

You like to be practical and pragmatic. You may like to work with your hands and tackle concrete tasks, like fixing a wagon wheel or clearing a field. Some Western personalities with this realistic trait:


Artistic -- if you answered 'yes' to questions 4, 10, 16  Buffalo Bill Cody c1888
You have a creative impulse. Perhaps with your interest in the arts, you could have designed some eye-popping posters for Buffalo Bill -- or started a rival Wild West show! Some artistically inclined folks from the West:


Investigative -- if you answered 'yes' to questions 2, 8, 14 Dr. Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden
You like to investigate and explore. Your math and science skills would come in handy when surveying uncharted territories. Some famous Western folks with this investigative nature:


Social -- if you answered 'yes' to questions 3, 9, 15 James Bowie
You like to get involved and help others. Your great communication skills would help you make friends on a long wagon train. Other social folks from the West:


Enterprising -- if you answered 'yes' to questions 5, 11, 17 Sitting Bull, c1885
You like to take charge. You would feel comfortable leading a group on an overland migration through rough terrain. Enterprising individuals from the American West:

  • Samuel Brannan, the ambitious business leader who capitalized on the Gold Rush.
  • Red Cloud, the Sioux leader who lobbied the U.S. government for better treatment of Native Americans.
  • Luzena Stanely Wilson, the entrepreneur who opened a restaurant and made a fortune feeding Gold Rush prospectors.
  • Davy Crockett, the Tennessee adventurer who helped defend the Alamo.
  • José Antonio Navarro, the Tejano leader who was instrumental to Texan independence.
  • John Wesley Powell, the Western scout who explored the Grand Canyon.
  • Kit Carson, the scout, trapper and Federal Indian agent who helped guide John Wesley Powell.
  • Sitting Bull, the Sioux political and spiritual leader who joined Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West show.
  • Leland Stanford, the president of the Central Pacific Railroad.
  • Brigham Young, the leader who guided the Mormons into Utah.


Organized -- if you answered 'yes' to questions 6, 12, 18 Annie Oakley, c1899
You like to keep your saddlebags lined up in a row. You might enjoy working with well-defined rules and paying attention to detail. Some organized characters from the American West:

  • Mark Hopkins, the treasurer of the Central Pacific Railroad.
  • Annie Oakley, the sharp-shooting star of Buffalo Bill's Wild West show.
  • Sara Pierce, who managed business and family while her husband was in California searching for gold.
  • Allan Pinkerton, the abolitionist who founded America's first detective agency.

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