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Lost in the Grand Canyon: The Powell Expedition

The Powell Expedition

Deseret Evening News
September 7, 1869.

By the courtesy of William B. Dougall, Esq., of the Deseret Telegraph Line, we learn that the Powell expedition, concerning the supposed loss of which there was so much excitement a few weeks since, arrived safely at the mouth of the Rio Virgen, on the Colorado River, on the 30th ult. Major J.W. Powell himself had arrived at St. George in good health, and expects to reach the city en route to his home East, in a few days. It is interesting to know that all that was necessary to the success of the Expedition was saved at the time the boat was lost of which accident mention has been made in previous communications from him, and that his trip has been a successful one. The Colorado River has now received a thorough exploration. Lieutenant Ives explored the river up to about the point where Major Powell has landed, and the Major has doubtless given it a thorough examination from the place where he launched upon its waters.

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