The Election of 1912

In 1912, former president Theodore Roosevelt abandoned the Republican Party and ran as a third party candidate -- splitting the party and guaranteeing a Republican defeat. The election quickly became a two-man race between the popular Roosevelt, running as the Progressive Party candidate and Woodrow Wilson, the Democrat. Taft, the incumbent Republican President, was never in contention.

The following positions were compiled from official party platforms. Shortly after the site launched in 2000, we asked our users to vote on these positions. Below are the results from this poll.


Mammoth business combinations formed to prevent competition in particular markets
Candidate/Party 1 -- Proposes the elimination of the big, monopolistic businesses known as trusts
Candidate/Party 2 -- Wants to preserve the trusts but regulate them





Women's Suffrage

The movement to guarantee women the right to vote.
Candidate/Party 1 -- Believes the issue of whether women should have the right to vote should be decided state by state
Candidate/Party 2 -- Campaigns openly on behalf of woman's suffrage






Taxes on goods imported to America.
Candidate/Party 1 -- Criticizes tariffs, or taxes on goods imported to America, as being a special interest program for big business
Candidate/Party 2 -- Supports tariffs, believing they help protect wages





Here are the actual results of the election of 1912:

  Popular Votes % Electoral Votes
Wilson [D] 6,300,000 42 435
Roosevelt [P] 4,100,000 27 88
Taft [R] 3,500,000 23 2
Others 1,100,000 70 0

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