In a dramatic seven-game World Series, the Pittsburgh Pirates played David to the New York Yankees’ Goliath. The New York team, with stars like Yogi Berra and Mickey Mantle in the lineup, had taken the series ten times since 1940. Yet the underdogs managed to bring the trophy home.

A five-year veteran of the Pittsburgh team, Clemente batted .310 in the series. His 1960 season effort was stellar enough to put Clemente on the National League’s All-Star team for the first time (along with fellow Puerto Rican and San Francisco Giant Orlando Cepeda).

Mazeroski Hit Beats Yanks, Lifts Pittsburgh to First World Title in 35 Years
By John Drebinger, The New York Times, October 14, 1960

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 13 — The Pirates today brought Pittsburgh its first world series baseball championship in thirty-five years when Bill Mazeroski slammed a ninth-inning home run high over the left-field wall of historic Forbes Field.

With that shot, Danny Murtaugh’s astounding Bucs brought down Casey Stengel’s Yankees, 10 to 9, in a titanic struggle that gave the National League champions the series, four games to three.

Minutes later a crowd of 36,684 touched off a celebration that tonight is sweeping through the city like a vast conflagration…

...This was a terrific, nerve-tingling struggle that saw a dazzling parade of heroes who followed on the heels of one another in bewildering profusion.

...Bob Clemente dribbled a grounder to the right of the mound. Skowron scooped up the ball and this should have been the third out of the inning had Coates covered first base. But the tall Virginian failed to get to the bag in time. Clemente thus got an infield hit that enabled Cimoli to score the second run of the inning.

...Although the weather again was warm and summery, the sun for the first time had difficulty breaking through a haze which enveloped the park with something akin to a Los Angeles smog.

However, no one was paying much attention to the weather and once the game got on the way it could have snowed without anyone paying the slightest attention.

For this was Pittsburgh’s first big chance to win a world championship in three and a half decades and the fans were out to make the most of it…


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