This item is a newspaper clip speculating communist activity within the Roosevelt family.

J. Edgar Hoover noted 'Very Interesting' on this documentBy: Kyle N. Wilson

United Press Staff Correspondent
The Washington Post February 12, 1942

Those famous Roosevelt family conversations about everything on earth must be pretty hotly contested these days when the clan gathers for informal political conference.

Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt and Franklin D. Jr. are sparkplugs of the new left-wing, anti-Communist organization known as Americans for Democratic Action.

Elliott Roosevelt is advertised in the Communist press as a speaker under the auspices of the opposing left wing organization, the Progressive Citizens of America. PCA does not bar Communists, but welcomes them, and is under suspicion of being attached to the party line.

James Roosevelt is reported ill on the West Coast. But his immediate political background includes a money making association with an organization which supported the Communist party line and a more recent job as Democratic State Chairman in California.


Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. is vice chairman of Americans for Democratic Action. In a week-end meeting here, ADA voted to bar Communists from membership and to support President Truman's proposal to aid Greece and Turkey.

Billed in the Communist press to speak last night in a PCA mass meeting in New York to protest Mr. Truman's Greek-Turkish program here, former Commerce Secretary (Henry) A. Wallace, Sculptor Jo Davidson and Commentator Frank Kingdon and Elliott Roosevelt. The meeting was milled as a "crisis rally."

Messrs Kingston and Davidson are co-chairmen of PCA. The organization itself was created by merger of the National Citizens Political Action Committee and the Independent Citizens Committee of the Arts, Sciences and Professions. Mr. Kingston had been chairman of the former, Mr. Davidson of the latter.

Of the NCPAC, which Mr. Kingston headed, the House Un-American Activities Committee had this to say in 1944:

"It has been cleverly established by overwhelming evidence that the National Citizens Political Action Committee is the major Communist front organization of the moment."


This second item is a newspaper clip in which Eleanor calls Senator McCarthy a menace. The hand-written comments below are made by J. Edgar Hoover.

Hoover wrote, She has done exactly this in her attacks on the FBI and when I called upon her to produce fact she was never able to do so.UNDER NEW TITLE

The record suggests significant Communist infiltration of the organization under whose partnership Elliott Roosevelt was billed to speak, or that it is an old Communist front set up under a new title.

James Roosevelt is understood to have ended his allegiance to the Independent Citizens Committee when he was elected Democratic Party chairman in California. The ICC made a big [illegible] last March with announcements that Mr. Roosevelt would be director of organization in its drive to round up the independent vote. [illegible] was on the payroll at what his associate [illegible].

Mr. [illegible] was an independent Communist, big shot, [illegible] but he resigned last November, apparently because the organization was playing [illegible] with the Community party line.

Mrs. Roosevelt's experience with the fellow travelers was about like that of Mr. [illegible] which may be why [illegible] is so active in anti-Communist.


This third item is a newspaper clip written by Eleanor. Comments made by J. Edgar Hoover can be seen on the right side.

Mrs. Roosevelt
An FBI Agent Asks Me About John Foster Dulles

Hoover wrote, This character is to never again be contacted by FBI unless I personally authorize.
New York - I was visited on Tuesday by an FBI agent who tried to be very solemn as he asked me about the loyalty and competence of John Foster Dulles, our future Secretary of State.

This agent's behavior was a wonderful feat - keeping a straight face while making such an inquiry. I'm afraid I smiled openly. Then yesterday I was visited again with questions abut another impeccable character. So, I want to assure any of my friends who think that the FBI is not on the job and is not able to product us.

Representative E.E. Cox, Democrat of Georgia, who is Chairman of a Special House Investigating Committee looking into the expenditure of funds by tax-exempt foundations, made an astounding statement at a hearing recently when he said "a great number of grants" have been made to persons disloyal to the United States.

Among others, he referred to the Rockefeller Foundation, which brought forth from the Foundation's President, Dean Rusk, the following statement: "The Rockefeller Foundation has reported the facts on these grants to the Cox Committee in our reply to the questionnaire sent us by the committee."

It is confusing or amusing, or both, to have great foundations in this country under attack for helping subversive persons and at the same time to have them attached by Moscow.

In the Czechoslovakian trials, the Ford Foundation was accused of "sending spies, murderers, saboteurs and wreckers" into east Europe. I should say that this, if true, indicated that the foundations had been very careful to keep a balance between being too conservative or too radical. When you please neither extreme, you are probably doing a pretty good job in keeping to the middle of the road.

Tuesday night I went to Teaneck, to a very interesting meeting - the first one sponsored by the Hi-Y and Tri Hi-Y clubs and the county committee of the Y.M.C.A.s of Bergen County. There were many young men and young women present from many "Y" groups, and they conducted their meeting in a very fine way.

The theme was a Thanksgiving Service to draw attention of all present to the things for which we, in this country, may be thankful, but to emphasize as well, our close ties with the rest of the world, and the growth of human brotherhood thruout the world. These young people are anxious to know the world as a whole and they believe in human dignity and its recognition for all peoples.

This fourth item is a newspaper clipping from J. Edgar Hoover's collection. 

The handwritten note says, Shut Her Up

The New York Herald Tribune:

If reporting is correct, Mrs. Roosevelt uttered the following words before the Rotary Club of New York on January 8, referring to our boys fighting in the Southwest Pacific:

They have operated on the principle. "What you want you can take if you are organized" ... They have learned that getting what you want is the only thing that counts.

This is all perfectly correct in war, but Mrs. Roosevelt wanted her audience to understand that these same boys were coming home went on operating on that principle in their homeland when peace came. Is this a forerunner of a military dictatorship under the leadership of the Roosevelt clan, or is it just loose talk? In any case, it is most disturbing.

My two sons are in this war, one of them now missing in the Southwest Pacific for over a year. These men are offering their lives for liberty not dictatorship by brute force, and that is what I believe our other boys are doing. 

Otto G. Lindberg
New York, January 8, 1944

To The New York Herald Tribune:

On January 4, 1944 about ten months before the 1944 Presidential election, Mrs. Roosevelt, speaking at a dinner of the Rotary Club, said, concerning the soldiers:

"What you want you can take if you are organized."

This is the language of revolution rabidly red "Want?" "Take?" "Organized?" This is the language that would, if it could, induce the soldiers to ease up a bit on Hitler, and make some sort of peace, and hurry on back home why they are "organized" and "take" what they "can."

W.W. Davies
New Canaan, CN, January 8, 1944

This fifth item is an article from J. Edgar Hoover's collection, written by Westbrook Pegler, a staunch critic of Eleanor's.


Fair Enough
By Westbrook Pegler

Mrs. Roosevelt's Public Life
The Washington Post February 12, 1942

For all the gentle sweetness of my nature and my prose, I have been accused of rudeness to Mrs. Roosevelt when I only said she was impudent, presumptuous and conspiratorial, and that her withdrawal from public life at this time would be a fine public service.That is just an opinion, and there may be other opinions on the subject, but I maintain that it is expressed in chaste and gentlemanly language and with no more vigor than most of us are used to in our discussion of controversial subjects.

This lady is a meddler in many matters which are very improper business for the wife of the President of the United States, a status which is constantly invoked for her lest her activities be objectively discussed as those of an ordinary citizen.

Long ago Mrs. Roosevelt meddled in the Newspaper Guild, which was a Communist organization. Absolutely ineligible even on the pretext of her public diary, which is not her principal occupation, Mrs. Roosevelt nevertheless accepted membership to which she was not entitled and immediately became the political foe of all those American newspapermen and women who knew the character of the Guild, detested and resisted the dirty work of tireless Muscovites and bravely suffered its heartless persecutions.

She was granted membership because she was the President's wife and for no other reason, which meant that the Communists wanted to make use of her position. Thus the victims of the plot could not but feel the highest office in their own country, the Presidency, was permitted to be used against them in the interests of men and women whose mission was not to improve the lot of reporters but to establish the Soviet system of government here, and they were absolutely right.

Legally Mrs. Roosevelt, even as the wife of the president, has no more authority than any other citizen of the Republic. She is on a common footing with Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. George Spelvin, but we always treat our Madame President with a special respect because the office of her husband, which she partakes of, is the highest temporal authority in our country. But when our first lady commercializes that respect for profit and in competition with the rest of the people by her association with persons who associate with enemies of the American system, antagonizes the people, it is she, not her critics, who fails in respect for the office.

Mrs. Roosevelt's quiet salting around of her personal friends in the Government employ is no new thing. The Dies Committee has known of this for a long time, and has muttered about it, but the Dies Committee lives under a political sword and has had to speak softly lest Mrs. Roosevelt exert her influence to starve it of money with which to continue its work. Mrs. Roosevelt has openly used her office against this committee of the United States Congress.

Mrs. Roosevelt has absolutely no right to appoint anyone to any public position, but now it comes out that she has named one actor, one eurythmicist, or dancer, and one secretary from her private payroll to paid jobs in the Office of Civilian Defense, and one professional youth-mugg to an unpaid position in the same important department. The youth, incidentally, formerly was a fair haired boy of the Communist Front, married a young campus cutie who has been infected with the Moscow principles and celebrated her marriage with a piece in a Muscovite paper, entitled "My Father was a Liar" was divorced, and now, at the age of 32, is held up to the American people by Mrs. Roosevelt as a person fit for leadership of American youth. He, also, is on Mrs. Roosevelt's private payroll, the money for which is derived from the commercialization of the Presidential office.

One day in London, during the last war, one of the tabloids came out with a shocking scandal, exposing the fact that "petticoat government" had been established in Whitehall, and especially in the war office, whereby certain favorites of an influential lady were planted in safe and cushy jobs in Blighty. Winston Churchill would remember it well, for the lady was a relative of his. The British reacted calmly, the lady's ears were slapped down and Britain got into the war.

Still scrupulously avoiding impoliteness, I insist that Mrs. Roosevelt's activities have been not helpful but, on the whole, very harmful, that she has been guilty of imposition and effrontery that, for all her pleadings against discrimination for creed and color, has herself actively encouraged cruel discrimination against Americans refusing to join unions wherefore she should retire.

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