Johnson explains his intention not to run for President in 1964.

Telephone Conversation with White House Press Secretary George Reedy

Here's what I think I'm going to say to them. Whatever number of months it is...

44 months ago, I was selected to be the Democratic Vice President. 44 months ago I was elected to be the Democratic Vice President, because I felt I could best serve my country and my party, I left the majority leadership of the Senate to seek the Vice President's post, believing I could unify the country and thus better serve it. In the time given me I did my best. On that fateful November day last year, I accepted the responsibility of the president, asking God's guidance and the help of all of our people. For nine months I've carried on as effectively as I could. Our country faces grave dangers. These dangers must be faced and met by a united people under a leader they do not doubt. After 33 years of political life, most men acquire enemies as ships accumulate barnacles. The time to acquire leadership about which there is no doubt, and a voice that men of all parties and sections and color can follow.

I've learned after trying very hard, that I am not that voice or that leader. Therefore -- and then I'm going to say -- therefore, I suggest that the representatives from all states of this union, selected for the purpose of selecting a democratic nominee, for President and Vice President, proceed to do their duty. And that no consideration be given to me because I am absolutely unavailable.

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