Tupperware Home Parties motivated its dealers with an official handbook, Know How! The Guide to Making Money with Tupperware.... In this excerpt, a Tupperware dealer educates a friend about party opportunities.\

Prospective Hostesses Are Everywhere!

Betty held up her fingers and started to tick off the wonderful prospects for Tupperware parties: "Every homemaker; working girl, single or married; mixed groups, young married couples... I could go on... clubs, church organizations, sports and fraternal groups..."

Ann broke in, "My goodness! You mean all those have Tupperware parties?"

"Certainly," laughed Betty. "Everyone needs and wants Tupperware. And don't forget your beauty operator, your milk man, your grocer, butcher, service station attendant, your doctor... in other words, everybody you see every day."

Ann added, "What about the P.T.A.? I know some people there."

"Exactly! You're getting the idea. In other words, wherever you go, you will meet people who are prospects for Tupperware parties."

Ann asked, "Well, just exactly how do I get people interested in Tupperware or having parties? How do I interest people who don't know about Tupperware?"

"I always carry a 2-oz. Midget with a seal on it or a Sauce Dish and seal and a catalog with me. A person can't see Tupperware without being interested in it. Oh, and here's another one I didn't mention, trailer parks are among the best spots for Tupperware parties."


Excerpt from Know How! The Guide to Making Money with Tupperware... (Fifth Edition). Tupperware Home Parties, Inc., 1958.

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