The Earth Days teachers' guides cover a variety of topics including politics, science, language arts, technology, civics, and history. You can use part or all of the film, or delve into the rich resources available on this web site to learn more, either in a classroom or on your own.

In partnership with Earth Day Network, American Experience offers the following lesson plans for various grade levels and scholastic subjects. Use the lesson plans online on the following pages, or download them as PDFs.

Lesson 1: Rachel Carson: Sounding an Environmental Alarm

Learn about Rachel Carson and her impact on the environmental movement. Grades 5-8, Language Arts and Science. 1-2 class periods.

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Lesson 2: The Environmental Decade: Impacts and Legislation
Scientific data combined with the attitudes of the 1970s led to a flurry of landmark environmental laws being passed.  Grades 9-12, History and Civics, Math optional. 2-4 class periods.

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Lesson 3: A Day for the Environment

Why was the first Earth Day needed? What happened as a result of Earth Day? Is it still needed today? Grades 7-10, Civics and History. 2-3 class periods.

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Lesson 4: Earth from Outer Space
Learn how the first photo of the planet from space changed peoples' views, and see how different perspectives change your own impressions of an object. Grades 5-9, Visual Arts and History. 2-3 class periods.

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Lesson 5: Technology: Conveniences and Consequences

Discuss the benefits and hazards of today's technology as it relates to the environment. Grades 8-12, Technology, Science and Social Studies. 2-3 class periods.

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