May 22, 1999

The Carter Center observes the Cherokee Nation elections in Oklahoma.

June 7, 1999

The Carter Center helps field a team of 100 observers to the Indonesian parliamentary elections.

Carter receives the Medal of Freedom
The Carter Center

Carter receives the Medal of Freedom
August 9, 1999

President Clinton presents former president Jimmy Carter and former first lady Rosalynn Carter with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States.

September 3, 1999

Carter calls for the Indonesian government to move swiftly to maintain order in East Timor, where armed pro-integration militias are terrorizing the populace in the wake of the August 30 balloting.

December 3-5, 1999

The Carters and former Botswana President Ketumile Masire lead a team of observers to the Mozambique general elections.

February 22, 2000

Carter Center observers visit Lima and find that Peru's election process does not yet meet international standards for democratic elections.

May 12, 2000

Carter Center observers in the Dominican Republic praise the elections yet call for improvements in the voting process.

May 28, 2000

The Carter Center withdraws from observing Peru's presidential run-off election, citing conditions that would make a fair election impossible.

July 2, 2000

Carter leads a delegation to observe Mexico's presidential elections. The country elects a new president, Vicente Fox, breaking 71 years of rule by the governing PRI party.

July 30, 2000

The Carter Center observes elections in Venezuela. The elections go smoothly, although delegation members note some technical problems with the electronic vote tabulation machines.

Carter in Cuba
The Carter Center

Carter in Cuba
June 2002

Carter is the first American president to visit Cuba in over 40 years. He calls for the decades-old U.S. trade embargo of Cuba, and challenges Cuban president Fidel Castro to introduce democratic reforms.

August 2000

The Carter Center celebrates its 20th anniversary.

October 2002

Carter receives the Nobel Peace Prize for "his decades of untiring efforts to find peaceful solutions to international conflict."

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