Browse a chronology of major international events that occurred during Nixon's presidency.

  • U.S. Navy ship Pueblo captured by North Korea
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. assassinated
  • Robert Kennedy assassinated
  • Pierre Trudeau becomes prime minister of Canada
  • Student protest riots occur in Paris
  • Czechoslovakia is invaded by Soviet forces to quell a liberation movement

  • Yasir Arafat is elected leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization
  • Golda Meir becomes prime minister of Israel
  • First U.S. troop withdrawal occurs in Vietnam
  • Ho Chi Minh dies
  • 600 British troops are sent into Northern Ireland to deal with rioting between Protestants and Catholics
  • Apollo 11 lunar module lands -- Neil Armstrong becomes the first human to walk on the moon
  • The supersonic transport Concorde makes its first test flight

  • Israel and Egypt agree to a 99-day truce along the Suez Canal
  • King Hussein of Jordan survives an assassination attempt
  • Gambia is made an independent republic within the British Commonwealth
  • An assassination attempt is made on Pope Paul VI in the Philippines

  • Idi Amin takes control of Uganda
  • Women are granted the right to vote in Switzerland
  • India and Pakistan go to war
  • Kurt Waldheim becomes UN Secretary General
  • Violence increases in Northern Ireland
  • 10,000 people are killed by a cyclone and tidal wave in Bengal

  • U.S. returns Okinawa to Japan
  • Nixon visits the Soviet Union and China
  • Great Britain imposes direct rule over Northern Ireland
  • Ceylon becomes a republic, changing its name to Sri Lanka
  • President Ferdinand Marcos assumes near dictatorial powers in the Philippines
  • Arab terrorists kill eleven Israeli athletes during the Olympics in Munich, Germany

  • A U.S.-South Vietnam/North Vietnam-Vietcong cease-fire agreement is signed
  • Hostilities break out between the Israelis and Arabs
  • Arab oil-producing nations begin an embargo on oil shipments to the U.S., Europe, and Japan in retaliation for their support of Israel
  • The monarchy is abolished in Greece
  • U.S. and U.S.S.R. sign an agreement to limit nuclear war
  • Chilean president Salvador Allende is overthrown
  • The Bahamas becomes independent of Great Britain
  • Spanish premier Luis Blanco is assassinated

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