June 5, 1968

Robert F. Kennedy is assassinated.

Richard M. Nixon
Library of Congress

Richard M. Nixon

Richard Nixon is elected president.

October 12, 1968

Truman looks on as President Johnson signs a bill, in the Truman home, designating October 24, 1968 as U. N. Day. The president also issues a proclamation noting Truman's part in creating the United Nations organization in 1945.

Nixon and Truman
National Archives

Nixon and Truman
March 21, 1969

Truman is visited by President and Mrs. Nixon, after which President Nixon presents the Truman Library with a Steinway piano that had been in the White House during Truman's presidency.


National Guardsmen open fire on a crowd of student antiwar protesters at Ohio's Kent State University.

December 29, 1971

With wife Bess, daughter Margaret, and son-in-law E. Clifton Daniel, Truman tours the Truman Library for the last time and views the film "For All the People" -- a new motion picture designed for the orientation of museum visitors.

December 26, 1972

Truman dies at the age of 88.

October 18, 1982

Bess Truman dies at the age of 97.

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