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Remember the Alamo

In the early 1830s, Texas, ruled by Mexico, held 20,000 U.S. settlers and 4,000 Mexican Tejanos, forcing residents to pick sides.

The Richest Man in the World: Andrew Carnegie

A look at the poor Scottish emigrant boy who built a fortune in telegraphy, railroads and steel, and then began systematically to give it all away.

Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee : 90 mins

Robert E. Lee, the leading Confederate general of the American Civil War, remains a source of fascination and, for some, veneration.

The Rockefellers

The Rockefellers : 2 hrs

Head of the most powerful family in America, billionaire John D. Rockefeller's vast philanthropy changed his family's reputation.

American Experience

Roots of Resistance - The Story of the Underground : 1 hr

Men and women, black and white, risked their lives to carve an elaborate network of escape routes out of slavery.

Secrets of a Master Builder

Engineer James Eads tamed the mighty Mississippi, turning New Orleans into the second largest port in the nation.

American Experience

Sins of Our Mothers : 1 hr

The legendary tale of Emeline Gurney, who - as the story goes - sold an illegitimate child at the age of 14 only to marry him at a later age.

Stephen Foster

America's first great songwriter, Stephen Foster, wrote 200 songs but died a penniless alcoholic at 37.

American Experience

Telegrams from the Dead : 1 hr

A new religion called spiritualism affected the nation in the era of Abraham Lincoln, P. T. Barnum and Frederick Douglass.

The Telephone

Though first seen only as an expensive luxury, Alexander Graham Bell's telephone soon transformed American life and became a necessity.


Tesla : 1 hr

Meet the genius engineer and inventor whose technology helped create our wireless world.

Transcontinental Railroad

Transcontinental Railroad

The remarkable story of how a railroad was built connecting California to the East.

Ulysses S. Grant

U.S. Grant: Warrior : 90 mins

A revealing portrait of one of America's most paradoxical leaders.

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Views of a Vanishing Frontier : 1 hr

The journey of Prince Maximilian, German naturalist, and artist Karl Bodmer, who explored the Mississippi River area from 1832-1834.

Walt Whitman

Today one of the most-recognized figures in American literary history, poet Walt Whitman was denounced by critics in his own time.

war letters

War Letters : 1 hr

From the Revolutionary War to Operation Desert Storm - newly discovered letters read by celebrity actors tell of courage, longing, and sacrifice.

American Experience

The Way West : 6 hrs

A six-hour series on how the West was lost and won, from the Gold Rush in 1848 until Wounded Knee in 1893.

 We Shall Remain

We Shall Remain : 5 hrs

The story of Native peoples’ valiant resistance to expulsion from their lands and the extinction of their culture.

American Experience

Wildcatter - A Story of Texas Oil : 1 hr

The tale of oil-seeking mavericks whose risk-taking, sweat and dreams changed an American industry.

The Wizard of Photography

George Eastman introduced the Kodak and Brownie camera systems and transformed photography into something anybody could do.

The Wright Stuff

Brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright built a flying machine that made its first flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1903.

Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp : 1 hr

A central figure in the narrative of how the west was won, Wyatt Earp and his story became an American legend. Part of the Wild West collection.

American Experience

Yosemite - The Fate of Heaven : 1 hr

This stunning film portrait of Yosemite National Park uses the 1851 diary of the first expedition of soldiers into the Native American territory.

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JFK : 4 hrs

The latest addition to our Peabody Award-winning Presidents collection, JFK is a four-hour biopic of our 35th president.

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JFK : 4 hrs

The Fall of 2013 will mark the 50th Anniversary of JFK's assassination. No president since Kennedy has earned higher approval ratings.