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The Race Underground

The Race Underground : 1 hr

The dramatic story of the nation's first subway

Race for the Superbomb

The U.S. and the Soviet Union race to build the hydrogen bomb during the Cold War, thus beginning the nuclear arms race.

Race to the Moon

The historic journey of Apollo 8 captivated the world in 1968 -- a bright spot in a year marked by political assassinations, race riots, and the Vietnam War.

Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson : 2 hrs

She set out to save a species… us.

American Experience

Rachel Carson's Silent Spring : 1 hr

Her 1963 warnings about the effects of pesticides and herbicides sparked a revolution in environmental policy.

American Experience

Radio Bikini : 1 hr

While the U.N. debated strategies for control of atomic energy, the U.S. Navy was preparing for nuclear tests on Bikini Island.

American Experience

The Radio Priest : 1 hr

Roman Catholic priest Father Charles Coughlin used the power of radio to rail against the nation's economic system in the Depression.

Ronald Reagan

Reagan : 270 mins

The life of the president who saw himself as the heroic defender of the "shining city on a hill." Part of the award-winning Presidents Collection.

Reconstruction - The Second Civil War

The stories of ordinary people in the tumultuous years after the Civil War, when America struggled to rebuild the Union.

Remember the Alamo

In the early 1830s, Texas, ruled by Mexico, held 20,000 U.S. settlers and 4,000 Mexican Tejanos, forcing residents to pick sides.

Rescue at Sea

When two passenger ships collide off Nantucket in 1909, 1,500 people rely on 26-year-old Jack Binns to operate a new technology - wireless telegraphy - to save them all.

Return With Honor

American prisoners of war in North Vietnam tell of their experiences at the Hanoi Hilton and other notorious prisons.


The remarkable and tragic life of the third Kennedy son, Robert F. Kennedy.

The Richest Man in the World: Andrew Carnegie

A look at the poor Scottish emigrant boy who built a fortune in telegraphy, railroads and steel, and then began systematically to give it all away.

riding the rails

Riding the Rails : 1 hr

The evocative stories of teenage hoboes crisscrossing America on trains during the Great Depression.


Ripley: Believe It or Not : 1 hr

Meet the Wizard of Odd. Robert Ripley was a new media star and the most popular man in America.

penn station

The Rise and Fall of Penn Station : 1 hr

The Pennsylvania Railroad Company accomplished an enormous engineering feat, but destroyed a great architectural monument.

Roads to Memphis

Roads to Memphis : 1 hr

The international manhunt to catch the killer of Martin Luther King.

Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee : 90 mins

Robert E. Lee, the leading Confederate general of the American Civil War, remains a source of fascination and, for some, veneration.

Roberto Clemente

Roberto Clemente : 1 hr

Clemente was an exceptional baseball player whose career sheds light on larger issues of immigration, civil rights and cultural change.

The Rockefellers

The Rockefellers : 2 hrs

Head of the most powerful family in America, billionaire John D. Rockefeller's vast philanthropy changed his family's reputation.

American Experience

Roots of Resistance - The Story of the Underground : 1 hr

Men and women, black and white, risked their lives to carve an elaborate network of escape routes out of slavery.

Ruby Ridge

Ruby Ridge : 1 hr

A riveting account of the event that helped give rise to the modern American militia movement.

Producer Picks

Stonewall Uprising

Stonewall Uprising : 90 mins

Triangle Fire is one of three AMERICAN EXPERIENCE documentaries to be honored with a win at the 71st Annual Peabody Awards.


JFK : 4 hrs

The latest addition to our Peabody Award-winning Presidents collection, JFK is a four-hour biopic of our 35th president.

Relevant Now


JFK : 4 hrs

The Fall of 2013 will mark the 50th Anniversary of JFK's assassination. No president since Kennedy has earned higher approval ratings.