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Student Rider: Erica Shekell

Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan
Hometown: Howell, Michigan

Watch the full episode. See more Freedom Riders.


2 responses to “Student Rider: Erica Shekell”

  1. Joan Eisenstodt

    7th May, 11

    Erica – I was glad to meet you and talk, albeit briefly, in line at the Newseum last night. I am grateful to your work for LGBT issues. You may eventually want to meet some of the cool people I know – Bob Witeck, Vic Basile among them – who have worked hard to advance LGBT equality. I will follow you here and hope you will also considering connecting on Twitter and FB. A wonderful and meaningful journey. Thank you for being in journalism and caring passionately about empathy and social justice. – Joan

  2. Felicitas Vanwechel

    18th May, 11

    Interesting information as per usual, ty. I do hope this kind of thing gets more eyeballs.