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Student Rider: Michael Tubbs

Stanford University
Stanford, California
Hometown: Stockton, California

Watch the full episode. See more Freedom Riders.


3 responses to “Student Rider: Michael Tubbs”

  1. Yahinzion

    8th Apr, 11

    Love it!

  2. BNicholson

    6th May, 11

    Learn all that you can from the original riders

  3. Sue Darling (Preston)

    10th May, 11

    Hi Michael! What an amazing thing you are doing! I wanted to follow you because I was born and raised in Palo Alto, CA and you are at Standford. I am truly in awe of of what you and all the others are doing. I am 62 now, and back during the 60′s I went to Palo Alto High School and did not realize there was segregation. My family never mentioned the subject, there wasn’t any racist talk in my house. I knew about East Palo Alto and on some level knew there were African Americans there, but my school was all white. Then one day a new student was in a class with me. Her name was Nola Brown and I never forgot her name to this day. I saw a few other African Americans around the school, but I had no idea that integration was happening…..busing a few kids from E. Palo Alto. It wasn’t until many years later that I found out what had been going on. I admire your commitment and wish you all the best in your journey. It takes VERY special people to do the Freedom Ride and I feel proud to know you (even though we have never met!) Enjoy and I hope it might make a difference for our world. Sue