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Helena Independent Record

Retracing History
by Sanjay Talwani

Rachael DeMarce did well in middle school and at C.M. Russell High School in Great Falls. But she figures if it weren’t for Montana’s Indian Education for All program, she might have never finished high school, with what she described as low expectations for American Indian students and a lack of visible and successful American Indian role models.

But she did graduate — and is now a junior at Carroll College, double majoring in political science and communications.

Next month, she will immerse herself into a major episode of American history, when she and 39 other college students from around the nation embark on the Student Freedom Ride. She’ll retrace the steps of the original Freedom Ride, 50 years ago in 1961, when black and white activists rode through the South on a bus to protest segregation, facing bombings and beatings along the way. Some of the original freedom riders will join the students, offering insights on history to a new generation of engaged students. Read more…


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