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NC A&T State Press Release

A&T Student Selected for Freedom Ride
by Nettie C. Rowland

Collis Crews, a junior history major at North Carolina A&T State University has been selected for the 2011 Freedom Ride, an experiential learning opportunity for college students in conjunction with the broadcast of Freedom Riders and the 50th anniversary of the original May 1961 Freedom Rides.

From May 6-16, the Ride will be a moving classroom in which Crews and 39 other college students from across the country will retrace the route of the original Freedom Rides. Accompanied by filmmaker Stanley Nelson, original Freedom Riders and others, The Ride will engage students as they learn the extraordinary commitment and courage of the individual who took part in the Freedom Rides as well as the history that was taking place during that era. The Ride also is a way of launching a national conversation about the role of civic engagement in a thriving democracy, explore what issues inspire students to “get on the bus” today, and focus on the civic engagement that is taking place on college campuses and the communities across the country. Read more…


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