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Freshman to Appear Today on Oprah
By Aleese Kopf

Not many KU students can say they have been on Oprah. Not many students can say they have met a true American hero. Today, William Dale, a freshman from Topeka, will meet both.

Dale is scheduled to appear on theĀ Oprah Winfrey Show covering the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Riders. He is one of only 40 college students from around the country to join originalĀ Freedom Riders in retracing the 1961 Rides from Washington, DC to New Orleans, LA. Originally, more than 400 black and white civil rights activists rode on public buses to protest against segregations laws in the South. Dale is also one of only a handful of the 40 students selected to appear on Oprah. Read more…


1 response to “ William Dale on Oprah”

  1. Bezdzimuma Lauliba

    4th Jun, 11

    Prepare yourself oh noble knight, for battles yet to come. For if you want to see the light you’ll have to suffer some..