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Day 2: Bakhrom Ismoilov

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5 responses to “Day 2: Bakhrom Ismoilov”

  1. Geronimo Mulholland

    9th May, 11

    My mother is Joan Mulholland, and our family is certainly proud of her work ensure 50 years ago that our country finally lives up to core beliefs and values as they are stated in our Declaration of Independence and codified in our Constitution.

    I am glad that she is able to take part in retracing the Freedom Ride and and look forward to hearing and seeing how this experience evolves.

    We love you, mom!

  2. freesoft

    10th May, 11

    Thank you..really informative!!

  3. Isfaragi

    10th May, 11

    Neat editing…But who are you and what is your part in it?

  4. Erica Ayala

    11th May, 11

    I am very appreciative of your reflection. We are all people, people who fall short. I think it is our nature to look at icons as people “frozen in time” so we can make excuses for why we aren’t doing better. I can’t be like MLK, I can’t be like Ella Baker, I can’t be like RFK! No one can be successful as someone else, timeless heroes put all their cards on the table and play the best hand they can.

    May you be blessed throughout your journey, not only as a Freedom Rider, but as a hero to all those you serve.


  5. Bakhrom Ismoilov

    21st May, 11

    Thank you all very much for your kind comments. It was an honor being on the ride and get inspired by our true heroes.