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Day 3: Meghna Chandra

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2 responses to “Day 3: Meghna Chandra”

  1. Karen C.

    10th May, 11

    I am 56 years old and white looking but I am not really white. When I was only about 10 years old, my great aunt told me something I could not believe. She told me I was black. She said “Didn’t your parents tell you already.” I shook my head, no. “Please don’t tell them I told you. Now your great grandpa has something to tell you, so hurry on into the living room and talk to him”. He was a real old man who then proceeded to appoligize to me. He said I reminded him of a woman he knew, loved and married. He seemed to be asking me to forgive him, for things he did to her and did not do for her, without giving me details. Today I realize truthfully that this woman is what made my grandfather and my father Mulatto. In my great grandfather had two wifes in Tennessee, one was mulato that started our line. I think the Major race in this country is Mulato now not white at all. Karen C.

  2. Karen C.

    10th May, 11

    Problem is some of us were never told. I was lucky my aunt told me.