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Day 4: Missed Call for Action

By Michellay Cole

Since embarking on this Freedom Ride journey, I have been interviewed by numerous reporters all asking the same question, “Why did I decide to get on the bus?” After being on the bus for four days, I was inspired to answer this question through poetry. The following piece is a self-reflection on the struggles and realizations that I have come to since “getting on the bus.”

Missed call for Action

This call is for Action, who’s not in right now
Maybe I’ll leave a message for him anyhow
See I really need to reach him, he’s been on my mind
He’s the one I’ve been lookin for but just can’t find

I gotta tell him how I’ve been spending time with this other guy
Who’s appreciative, supportive and listens to me
You might know him; his friends call him Complacency?
Well anyway, I just thought I should let you know
This thing we got goin on, its movin too slow

You always want me to stand up for you,
Like I’ve been called to do that or something
It’s not my right or my fight
I don’t need to shine “this little light”

All you do is cry about how life aint fair
How we need to take responsibility and do our share
Im not tryna hear all that, this aint the time
Catch me in a few years, after I make a few dimes

Maybe then you’ll be more like him,
You know, Complacency would never
Ask me to do the things you beg of me
He knows how I am and doesn’t ask too much from me

In fact, he doesn’t ask anything at all
He sees no struggle and continues to fall
In the presence of violence he turns the other cheek only to look away
When our nation faces desperation, his cure is procrastination

I’m starting to see his true colors now
His ignorance reflects a fluorescent glow of damnation
His brightness is an illusion exposed through a flawed spectrum of distorted light
How could I have let myself be with him?

No longer am I blinded by the light of his darkness
I’m breaking up with Complacency and I’m calling you back
Forgive me, for I have forgotten my purpose,
But now I remember what my place on this earth is
Today I stand tall with my back off the wall
This time Action, I won’t miss your call

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3 responses to “Day 4: Missed Call for Action”

  1. Rebecca Littlejohn

    12th May, 11

    This is fabulous!

  2. Sabrina

    15th May, 11

    Wow! This is an awesome piece. Your words are an inspiration to both young and old. I pray this is spread abroad.

  3. Michellay

    4th Jun, 11

    Thank you so much!